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As the population in Sisters Country expands over future years the traffic on combined Highway 20/126 will become increasingly congested. That corridor of high speed traffic is currently the only practical means of transportation in and out of the Black Butte Ranch and Tollgate subdivisions.

Similar urban areas around the world also face traffic congestion, and according to The Economist, September 5, 2015, "Cities are starting to put pedestrians and cyclists before motorists. That makes them nicer - and healthier - to live in". Likewise, we in Sisters Country need to create access to alternative modes of transportation and improved access to recreational opportunities. Constructing a paved multi-use trail through US Forest Service land, linking Black Butte Ranch and Tollgate to the City of Sisters, is a major goal in the pursuit of this vision.

Let's work together to make the Black Butte Trail a reality, a trail the overwhelming majority of our community supports.

Friends of Black Butte Trail support Speak your Peace - The Civility Project.


See more images of Lava Land Trail connecting to Sunriver





Start of multi-use trail from Lavalands to Sunriver

Friends of Black Butte trail are dedicated to making a paved pathway connection from the communities of Black Butte Ranch to Sisters a reality. Within this web site you will find links to almost 100 professional reports prepared by planners and engineers, analyzing benefits and concerns regarding trails. A careful study of these reports show the benefits of trails, and paved trails in particular, to be overwhelmingly positive.

A paved pathway linking communities in the Sisters area will open up recreational and commuting opportunities to a much more diverse user group than those who are able to use a dirt or gravel trail. The pathway is truly “equal access,” and a perfect complement to the miles of miles of dirt trails that already exist in our region. Paved trails make sense from a cost-benefit point of view. Real estate values will increase, as will business opportunities, we will end up with a better sense of community, and it will provide health and other quality of life benefits. Isn’t it time for the majority of residents in developments in the Sisters area who have said they favor such trails to come together and make the paved trail a reality?


Come back to visit, and visit often. Our effort is just getting started.


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