Letters to the Editor 04/15/2015

To the Editor:

I am a frequent visitor in Sisters and have stayed at Black Butte Ranch for years. Recently, my grandchildren rented bicycles in Sisters because the bikes at Black Butte Ranch were already rented. We all talked about how wonderful a paved path would be for return of the bicycles.

This led to a talk about how much more fun it would be for them and their friends if they could ride to Sisters for treats, movies, books, etc. We adults also talked about how much we would like to be able to safely ride to Sisters for groceries, etc. In addition to saving fuel, we would also work our muscles in a very manageable way. A paved path, safe from cars, taking us on a fun and short enough ride for us would be a fine addition to the community. I hope this path happens.

When contemplating a second home we often compare Black Butte Ranch to Sunriver and talk about our families' wishes and recreational opportunities. The bike path would be a major plus for our rental/second home. We spend way too much time in the car, and our family members all enjoy biking. As the grandchildren age and want a little freedom, a safe, smooth path would provide that. It would be such an enhancement, not only for our use, but for fuel economy in general. Hope this helps with the decision-making.

Ann Ruttan