June 6, 2015

Alan Unger, Deschutes County Commissioner,

Dear Mr. Unger,

I am contacting you for the purpose of appealing for your support regarding the multi-use paved path from Sisters to Black Butte Ranch. I serve as the leader and coordinator of the Sisters Band of Brothers veteran group. We closely interact with the Bend Chapter of the Band of Brothers as well as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion posts.

I have been conversing with Dave Johnson of Sisters BSA troop 188 and Tracy Stout, citizen of Sisters. Both are and have been very involved in the process of seeing this multi-use paved path turn into a reality and not just a dream. They have asked me to contact you to also share my sincere desire to see this paved path become a reality.

I am 82 years old, 14-year veteran US Army, drafted during the Korean conflict, served a tour in Vietnam as a military advisor with an ARVN infantry Battalion. I chose to end my active duty status when I returned home in 1967. I had acquired the grade of Captain, just a few months from promotion to Major when this decision was made. It completely changed the direction of my life.

My desire is to share with you the need for all parties involved to come to the conclusion soon in order to "get the ball rolling" towards the resolve of this issue.

According to current records the following stats are posted to bring to light the numbers of persons involved with social activities in our communities.

Central Oregon Band of Brothers five chapters: 2600 members.

Boy scout troop: 60 membersKiwanis Sisters andRedmond: 146 members.

Kiwanis Central Oregon: 500 members.

VFW/AMERICAN LEGION Sisters: 55 members.

At a recent Sisters Band of Brothers meeting, we took a poll. Every veteran supported the Sisters-Black Butte multi-use paved path. In addition to the guests and residents of Black Butte Ranch, Toll Gate, the residents and visitors to Sisters; the use of this paved path would be phenomenal.

I am a severely handicapped veteran 90% disabled and thoroughly enjoy taking my mobility scooter to paths similar to the one projected. These other paved paths have been completed in several other states that offer this well needed and deserved feature.

My wife Lorraine has a three-wheel trike that she would also enjoy utilizing the benefits of this multi-use paved path. We live in rural Deschutes County and do not have that opportunity. We trailer my scooter and Lorraine’s trike to Sisters to ride on the city streets. The thought of being able to ride from Sisters to Black Butte for lunch some day would be fantastic.The majority of residents that live in the Black Butte and Toll Gate areas also have the desire to commute from their residences to Sisters. I make reference to the weekly Nugget newspaper that has posted several letters to the editor supporting the multi use mobility/recreation path.

Mr. Unger, this is a well-needed feature that would be utilized daily by so many bicyclists, joggers, hikers, Wounded Warriors, veterans, persons with disabilities, handicapped persons using an electric mobility scooter, school children on educational nature walks, children walking with their parents for a stroll. The need and number of persons that would use this path would be numerous voters and future voters.

Your support and support from the other commissioners on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



Tom Barrier,

Captain Infantry Retired,

Sisters Country Resident, Oregon