To: County Commissioners

From: Clark Brody

Date: June 29, 2015

RE: Support for the paved Multi-use Trail for Black Butte Ranch to Sisters

I am writing each of you to tell you that I strongly support the construction of a paved multi-use path from Black Butte Ranch (BBR) to Sisters. I am a full time resident of BBR and I am also Vice Chair on the BBR Police Board. I have 10 grandchildren who love to come and visit us often at BBR.

I see the creation of the path as a wonderful addition to the Ranch. During the summer months on any given weekend there are as many as 5,000 people at Black Butte Ranch. This is at least twice the number of residents that live in the city limits of Sisters. My grand children as well as many guests and senior citizens would use this path often, where they would never risk cycling or walking along the highway.

In addition, spreading that many people over the additional miles of trail will reduce the traffic on the already over crowed trails on the Ranch. Less traffic on the BBR trails result in a safer experience for guests and homeowners.

With as many as 5,000 people at BBR on any given weekend I have to believe that more people will begin their trip at BBR than in Sisters. I also believe there would result an economic benefit for both the Ranch and Sisters. The Ranch would benefit by having more guests want to come and experience a safe hiking, cycling, and cross country ski experience. Sisters will benefit economically by providing BBR homeowners and guests a destination to walk to or cycle to, eat lunch and return to their home at the Ranch.

In a recent BBRA commissioned survey 61% of the respondents supported the creation of the multi-use trail from BBR to Sisters. 25% of the survey respondents did not support the trail siting concerns about access to private property, security concerns and safety issues. As a member of the Police Board I know of no relevant data presently to validate any of these greatest fears. Black Butte Ranch has its own effective Police Department.

I are hopeful that you the County Commissioners will be successful in convincing the Forest Service to reopen the process to create this paved multi-use trail.


Clark Brody