To: County Commissioners

From: Barbara Brody

Date: July 5, 2015

RE: Support for Paved Path from Black Butte Ranch to Sisters

I am writing this email to lend my support for the paved multi-use path from Black Butte Ranch (BBR) to Sisters. I am a full time resident of Black Butte Ranch. My husband has taught all 9 of our 10 grandchildren to ride their bikes safely on the Ranch. He has taken the oldest one most of the way down the Oregon Coast. The rest of them are not ready to ride along side the highway.

This added trail from the BBR Welcome Center would allow our grandchildren to ride into town and have lunch and ride home. This is a great way to encourage independence in a safe environment. I also know many seniors that live on the Ranch that would welcome the opportunity to ride to Sisters on a paved path but they would never ride along the side of the highway.

Those opposed have many fears, the root of which is unauthorized access to the gated areas on the Ranch and the private amenities. I do not share these fears. I also have complete faith in the BBRA Board and Administration in solving any challenges that may arise as a result of the trail. The BBR Police Department has proven to be very effective in the past and I trust this will continue.

This is the kind of addition to Black Butte Ranch that future generations will thank us for and enjoy using for years to come.

Thank you for making the effort to resurrect this opportunity once again.


Barbara Brody