Letters to the Editor 07/08/2015

To the Editor:

Accepting the hyperbole of recent LTE by BBR trail opponents one would think the end is near should the trail be built as planned-excrement, trash, vandalism, trespassing, motor-vehicle gridlock, environmental destruction, lawsuits, scandalous surveys etc.

And yet it is curious that a Tollgate resident whose property is immediately adjacent to the connecting spur can be a supporter of the trail while another resident several hundred feet away from the trail can be so fervently against the plan. The reality is this is a simple meandering trail through public woods - not the Autobahn through Yosemite!

I do not know of a single developed trail that has been built in the U.S. which has later been recognized as a mistake by the majority of residents within the trail's district. Frustrating as it may be to trail opponents, the fact is that board-sanctioned surveys at BBR and Tollgate have clearly shown the majority of respondents - and by logical extension - the majority of residents, are in favor of this trail.

Let's also be clear that the overriding purpose of the trail from BBR to Sisters is to create safe, environmentally friendly, healthful, human-scale connections between population centers within this community - and not to throw up barricades and Keep Out signs between neighbors. These population centers are on the south side of Highway 20. It is obvious to anyone who has tried to cross the intersection of Highway 20 at Barclay/McKinney by foot or bike how unsafe and irresponsible a north-side trail plan, with multiple crossings of the highway, would be for accessing Tollgate or BBR.

Like motherhood and warm apple pie, trails are wonderful. Paved multi-user trails create minimal-cost long-term opportunities for healthy YEAR-ROUND exercise and mind-clearing recreation for people of ALL ages and physical abilities. Anything that can be done to get people, and especially our children, off their butts, away from their TVs and computers, and out of their gas-guzzling cars is good national and local health policy. Good policies and projects rarely come about without effort or controversy.

If you are compelled to help get 'er done, shoot me an email or visit www.


Kris Calvin

Tollgaters for the Trail