Friends of the Black Butte Trail


St. George Island, in the Florida Panhandle, is a 22-mile barrier island with Apalachicola Bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. A 6-mile paved path parallels Gulf Beach Drive, the island's main road, from just outside St. George Plantation (a private gated community) to the entrance of St. George Island State Park on the island's eastern end. A 4-mile segment of the path was initially built. In 2014 an additional two miles of paved path was added by the Plantation homeowner’s association, so the public paved trails could connect to those of the gated community. To access the gated community individuals must be residents of the community or be accompanied by a real estate agent, similar to regulations established by Black Butte Ranch.

The community of St. George Plantation clearly saw the benefit of connecting their paved trails with those in the outside community. The same benefits will be realized by connecting our Sisters communities with a paved trail. For that matter Black Butte Ranch already has paved paths open to the public, and these paths connect directly to the paved paths in the gated portion of the community. What we need now is to bring the path connections all the way to Sisters, with connections along the way to the community of Tollgate as well.

There are likely many other gated communities that connect their own paved paths to those outside the communities. Not many paved paths connecting gated communities have their own web sites. Please contact bbt@blackbuttetrail.com with information about such projects.



Paved 6-mile trail connecting to the gated community of St. George Plantation, Florida


Paved trails withing the community of St. George Plantation, Florida



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