Letters to the Editor 05/06/2015

To the Editor:

As a Tollgate resident, I fully support the paved bike trail connecting Sisters to Black Butte. It provides a safe trail for road bikers, allowing us to avoid the highway.

This safe trail will be used by children, adults, seniors, veterans, wounded warriors, and anyone with impairments.The revised trail layout is unobtrusive and out of view to the homes in Tollgate.

Cycling and other outdoor activities are a valued culture of Sisters and Central Oregon. This paved bike trail is an attractive addition to Tollgate, Sisters, and Black Butte Ranch.

It further encourages our experiences of our remarkable Central Oregon vistas and enjoyment of outdoor areas.It proves a valuable asset to the business enterprises of Sisters.

Plus, it adds to the property value of our homes in Central Oregon. Overall, the bike trail is a benefit and bonus for Tollgate, Sisters, and Black Butte Ranch.

Dave Johnson