Posted: Saturday, November 8, 2014

Article comment by: Tim Davis

This is absolutely unbelievable. Some beautiful new trails would benefit *everyone*. Why are people always such knee-jerk NIMBYs?!?

Even in far more progressive Seattle, many residents were opposed to having the Burke-Gilman Trail built near their homes (for the same reasons), but property values for homes closest to the trail skyrocketed after the trail's completion--and there has been ZERO evidence of increased crime. In fact, the B-G trail is an *incredible* urban amenity in Seattle, and these proposed trails would be a phenomenal win-win for everyone between Sisters, Tollgate and Black Butte Ranch.

These trail users that people in Sisters are so freaked out about would largely be highly educated, environmentally conscious visitors from Portland and elsewhere who love using beautiful recreational trails in beautiful Central Oregon!

EVERY city that I've ever visited that has a stunning recreational trail has seen a HUGE improvement to their city. Witness, as just one of hundreds of examples, the Mineral Belt Trail in Leadville, Colorado. That city was totally dying before the Mineral Belt (which loops around the city and passes by numerous historic mine sites) was put in. Now it's a major regional draw!

Why do NIMBY folks continue to shoot themselves in the foot? *Embrace* these new trails! And since you'll live close to them, YOU will benefit the most by far!! Have you thought of that? You actually get to use these beautiful new trails, too!! Like I said, it's a win-win for everyone!