Letters to the Editor 07/08/2015

To the Editor:

Regarding the paved trail connecting Tollgate to Black Butte and Sisters, I am wholeheartedly for it and I know many other Tollgate people who also are in favor of the trail.

Scare tactics like possible lawsuits are ridiculous. I wonder just what people who are against it really think, since so many alternative scary theories are presented.

It would be so lovely if people who can no longer ride two-wheeled bikes had a safe route into Sisters from Tollgate or Black Butte Ranch.

Crossing Highway 20 is certainly not a safe alternative.

It makes me quite sad that there is such a negative attitude toward the trail. I guess that attitude is also prevalent in Sisters on other subjects, judging from the comments from the resigning City Council member recently. I know there are many positive people in our area; we happen to know many of them. It is time to hear from all the positive people.

Sue Edgerton