Letters to the Editor 11/18/2015

To the Editor:

I totally agree with Sarah Rahm's letter about the proposed trail from Sisters to Tollgate and on to Black Butte on the south side of Highway 20 (The Nugget, November 11), (see letter).

By putting it off to appease the small number of naysayers, people with any disabilities and those pushing strollers are prevented from accessing Sisters except by car. Riding a three-wheeled bike on a dirt path with gravel on the sides, and through grass uphill is too difficult, so the trail to the high school from Tollgate is not an option the way it is. It is not easy to push a stroller there either, and a motorized wheel chair would certainly not navigate that trail.

Sarah is so right when she points out that most people in this area want the proposed trail. It has never been made clear why another environmental assessment is needed, after all the time and money that was spent on the original EA.

Sue Edgerton