Black Butte Ranch Residents Illustrate Economics of Cycling

June 11, 2015

Currently on a last minute planned cycling trip to Long Beach Peninsula, WA - 2 days cycling. We came mainly to cycle Discovery Trail (see pics attached), a paved multi use path. The peninsula is bike friendly so we'll also venture off trail as well. $$'s spent on lodging, dining, clothing, souvenirs and gas. We always seek travel destinations long and short with cycling and hiking in mind. From a 72 day trip cycling from Pacific to Atlantic Oceans, (paying nightly for lodging), to week trips in NY, ID, WA, CA, UT, AZ, and HI. Paved paths can bring big tourist dollars to local communities, we're proof of that.

When our grandchildren (ages 10 and 13) and their parents (also BBR owners- GH 176 and survey participants) told the children about the proposed path they excitedly started planning their first family ride to Sisters. Sixty-one percent of survey participants in September supported the path regardless of their concerns. Though some were concerned regarding a possible increase in general public access on the Ranch, these concerns were not enough to dissuade them from voting in favor. Further, the proposed path DOES NOT END at BBR, rather, for owners and guest the path BEGINS at BBR!

From strong supporters of the proposed path from BBR to SISTERS. We're ready to dive in and actively work to get the STA trail built. We need your help, as the leaders of our community to help make this a reality. In the mean time our family anxiously await its maiden ride to Sisters.

Cathy and Larry Ellis

BBR Owners. GM 425 (Larry since 1972, Cathy since 1985). Full time since 1999.