To the Editor, Nugget Newspaper July 29,2015

Black Butte Ranch Board reiterated their unanimous support of the paved trail on 7/24/2015. Dropped from the 9/26/2014 motion was their one contingency “subject to resolution of some issues of access that have been raised.”

The Board praised management for their progress on mitigating access issues. Owen Osborne stated “What I hear from everyone it’s not about a bike path it’s about access to the precious resources we have at Black Butte. I am impressed with the recent steps which have been taken to do a better job of controlling access to our assets and I believe that we can continue to improve upon that and that people aren’t opposed to the bike path…”

Should a new vote be taken? Several Board members suggested based on the evidence and 100’s of letters from both sides they’d predict, as stated by Jeff Curtis, “I strongly believe the results would be the same or better for the proponents.”
On the issue is the path consistent with Ranch policy? The new trail would be the second trail, the Suttle Lake Trail being the first, with direct access to Ranch paths. It has been stated that the path is contrary to the Ranch’s governing documents and counter to the original developer’s intent.

Jeff Curtis stated, “I do not believe this bike path is inconsistent with any materials in our master design, mission statement…” Two founders weighed in with support letters, Mike Hollern, Black Butte Ranch CEO and Bob Harrison, the first President of BBR Corporation and Brooks Resources Corporation.

Bob Harrison shared, “We thought of the trail at that time, but it was beyond our budget and political limits… Seeing it go forward would give all of us who were involved in the early years a sense of completion…”

Cathy Ellis, GM 425