June 12, 2015

Dear Mr. Unger,

I would like to express my strong support for a paved trail between Sisters and Black Butte Ranch. This would provide a safe non-motorized link between our town and an important community neighbor. The highway does have a bike lane, but traffic is heavy, noisy, and travels at high speeds. It is neither suitable for children nor for older adults who need safer conditions for cycling.

This path would attract families with young children learning to ride, parents towing toddlers in trailers, adults riding trikes or recumbent vehicles, and folks of all ages who would regularly take advantage of a scenic bicycle loop starting from Sisters, encompassing Indian Ford road. It could be used by joggers, inline skaters, roller skiers, skateboarders, even nordic skiers in the winter.

Ours is a sedentary society and we are paying for it with staggeringly high rates of obesity and diabetes. As a physician, I prescribe exercise for these and many other conditions, including hypertension, depression, insomnia, constipation, fatigue, arthritis, and heart disease. I see this trail as a smart investment in our community's physical health for generations to come.

We need the help of infrastructure to encourage us to get unplugged from our digital devices, out of our cars, into the beautiful forest that is right outside our front door. Yes, some people prefer dirt trails and that's fine; there are plenty to choose from. But a large and growing contingent of seniors, many in their 70s and 80s, are more comfortable on a paved, smooth car-free trail because of balance and other issues. Many of my patients are unable to walk more than a few blocks due to back or knee pain, but can ride a bike. I foresee a rise in popularity of three-wheeled adult trikes as our society ages but refuses to give up outdoor mobility and exercise.

Sisters is a jewel of a town and Black Butte Ranch has always been an integral part of Sisters Country. Let's connect the two and provide a way for young and old to use their muscles and enjoy the trip.


May Fan, M.D.

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