May 13, 2015

To: Alan Unger, Commissioner, Deschutes County, 1300 NW Wall St. Suite 200, Bend, OR 97701,

Dear Alan,

I am so pleased to learn that you are involved with the proposal to create a path from Sisters into the National Forest toward Black Butte. In our long shared history, I've always known you to have a fair and reasoned approach to controversy with the ability to hear and listen to all sides of an argument.

I am writing to you to lend my (and my husband, Neal's) support of the proposed pathway. As 20 year residents of and 30 year business owners in Sisters, we value the role the recreation opportunities play in our economy and my own personal well being. For our store in Sisters, 2006 was the best retail year for us. We weathered the recession well and have seen an uptick in our sales for the last few years. I attribute a lot of that to the variety of outdoor recreation options that bring visitors to our community. People want to be here to enjoy the outdoors, but there are some that can't make use of our dirt and gravel trails. As we age, we are so thankful for the ability to get on a bike and take off on the trails, but that is not the case for everyone. We think the paved pathway would provide a safe place for the young and old alike to enjoy the outdoors on wheels or on foot.

Beyond the health and recreation benefits of this trail, we believe it will also bring more folks into town to shop and eat and improve the property values near the pathway. If we were looking for a new place to live, we would consider proximity to a pathway like this a premium asset to a home.

We are looking forward to the creation of this trail and all the benefits it will provide to our community.

Thank you for your time and your leadership.

Best Wishes,

Bonnie Jacobs-Halousek

Neal Halousek

Your Store

17045 Farthing Lane

Sisters, OR 97759