Letters to the Editor 08/05/2015

To the Editor:

I finally have to write a letter about bike trails.

I have been very disappointed in our community response to this issue. Communities affected like Tollgate and Black Butte Ranch were asked to take a poll vote on the idea of a trail. It passed by a substantial majority, which seems to count for nothing due to the vociferous comments by those opposed for various reasons.

The comment that the voting participation did not represent many of the people doesn't fly. If you don't participate (or read what is going on) then it can be assumed that you don't care. Excellent work was done to mitigate the problems expressed about the trail being too close to Tollgate properties. It seems that voting on the issue doesn't count as much as complaining about it.

I have traveled across the U.S. four times in the last year-and-a-half and have appreciated the many bike trails in parks, National Parks and cities. We in Sisters Country would do well to continue pursuing our bid for a trail. It doesn't have to be a paved trail; hard-packed sand (with a binder in it) is an alternative. Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC has an excellent bike trail all the way around the peninsula made of hard-packed sand, as does much of the waterfront.

Merrill Kneeland