July 4, 2015

Dear Mr. Unger,

My husband and I have been residents at Black Butte Ranch for over 20 years. We have an active lifestyle that mirrors what was shown in the Sept. 14 survey. The top two activities for homeowners are walking and biking. I believe that if a casual survey was done using visitors, guests, and prospective home-buyers we would find similar results. We very much would like a safe route to Sisters. As an avid cyclist, we have used Highway 20. However, we would not consider exposing our grandchildren to the busy highway. Riding in the forest while separated from cars and trucks would be a pleasant experience. When I'm out on my bicycle one of the questions I hear is "How can we go to Sisters?" The answer is not received well. I'm hearing from our rental shop Manager of similar conversations. Kevin O'Hara, who manages our Glaze Meadow Rental Shop shared with me that he hears that questions "all the time". His answer pretty much shuts down the possibility of riding to Sisters because our riders, including family members and friends, will not use Highway 20. A path to Sisters will be a wonderful amenity for Black Butte Ranch and offer an extension of our bike paths.

Thank you for your efforts in supporting this worthwhile project.

Beverly MacDonald, Resident,

Black Butte Ranch