Mr. Unger,

I am sure we have meet over the years as I am a resident of Bend for 33 years. And, as an avid cyclist safe riding is important to me.
I have ridden all over the US on my bike and included in those trips were trips to Wisconsin (Milwaukee most recently) Colorado Glenwood Springs to Vail and Coos Bay (Cycle Oregon). These three places (just naming a few) have paved bike paths. The paths are utilized by cyclists, runners, walkers and their dogs. What sets these communities apart is they provide a safe place for all to participate in the outdoors.

The paths back up to homes, subdivisions, open spaces, forests and can be next to a highway or thru a park....they enhance rather than detract from the places they abut. A paved path takes cars off the road, while allowing access to people of all ages and abilities to enjoy them. They are an environmentally beneficial asset for our community as well as promoting health, well being and our wonderful Central Oregon Lifestyle.

While I have not studied closely all the controversy in Sisters regarding a path from Sisters to Black Butte...there does seem to be a mentality that the path should not be allowed..."the not in my back yard" mentality is unfortunately so short sighted.

A path ties Black Butte to Sisters, it ties the mountain bike trails by Suttle lake lodge and Camp Sherman together in a very nice, safe triangle for all sorts of activities.

I flash back to when Vince Genna started the River Trail in Bend. He was one of my very first clients and he shared with me....how it started. No one was receptive so one day he called a bunch of his friends and they went on a Saturday and started working on a small portion...and look what the River trail looks like today! You can ride your bike to Sunriver from Bend and not have to encounter automobiles. Imagine what our river would look like without the forward thinking imagination of one man wanting to preserve our outdoors.

Mr. Unger, I urge you to consider looking at the bigger picture of what is beneficial to our communities and work on the good of all for our future. Even better consider a long range plan could include connecting Redmond to Sisters and Bend as well as a few pedestrian overpasses which we need as well.

Thank you.

Sheree MacRitchie
Principal Broker
RE/MAX Key Properties
431 NW Franklin Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
Licensed in the State of Oregon since 1991