Letters to the Editor 07/22/2015

To the Editor:

Some very well-written and thoughtful letters written in support of the proposed trail between Black Butte Ranch and Sisters, and glad to see them.

I had guests from out of state and we went for a couple of rides from Tollgate - one south on Highway 20 to Sisters and up across McKenzie Pass on Highway 242 (a wonderful experience), and a second to Indian Ford Road and back to Sisters to visit the Quilt Show exhibits.

Both had some elements of terror that I just can't get used to with the large amount of high-speed traffic. And crossing Highway 20 to get back from 242, and to head to Indian Ford from Tollgate certainly weren't highlights of the two trips.

For those adamantly opposed to the proposed trail, it's hard to envision what would help persuade a change of heart. Might I suggest a brief few-hundred-yard walk along Highway 20 on that few feet of paved shoulder to see what it feels like to be in harm's way?

The idea of connecting communities is one of the more compelling arguments in favor of this trail; but I have to say that for me personally, the safety issues associated with riding on that highway are paramount. Nice wide shoulder, but with the wagon ruts from studs in the travel lanes, it's hard for me to keep it going straight on that road. Just hope someone doesn't get seriously injured or killed first to highlight how bad the experience of riding Highway 20 can be.

Is the safety of us and our guests really less important than all of the other issues that have been brought up as reasons not to build it?

Randy McCall