June 8th, 2015

To whom it may concern:

I am writing as a massage therapist in Sisters to ask for your support of the Sisters to Black Butte paved trail. I live and work in this beautiful area because I can get out and enjoy what nature has to offer, but not everyone is this lucky. As a therapist, I see hundreds of clients in Sisters each year. I work with people for a multitude of reasons, but so often I see people that are physically out of shape or disabled, and that takes a huge toll on them, both mentally and physically. Not only is the individual affected, the entire family must compensate in some way. I feel a trail through the forest will draw people for its serenity, but also because it will have a solid surface people can more easily increase their cardiovascular levels and benefit from more rapid speed. This solid surface will allow people of all ages and abilities to get out into nature, including wheelchair bound individuals whom normally would not be able to enjoy such a treat. I love knowing my clients whom are rehabilitating from injuries will be able to navigate their outdoor exercising more easily, and risk less injury. Since the trail will go near the housing developments, more people will have time to get out on the trail without having to get in a car to get to one. Traveling into town on foot or bike will also become easier, this means better air quality, a healthy benefit for all of us.

I urge you to make this happen.

Starla McMullin LMT

Shibui Spa, Sisters OR