Letters to the Editor 07/15/2015

To the Editor:

Black Butte Ranch and the community of Sisters rely on one another. Ranch voters have consistently supported our local option levy for schools, because they understand that strong schools mean better property values. The Ranch is an important job creator, and Sisters youth supply summer labor that BBR can't do without. Sisters residents patronize Ranch restaurants in off seasons. And, of course, the resort is a key draw for visitors, most of whom spend money in our downtown businesses as well.

A bike path between BBR and Sisters would be an excellent new addition to our two, mutually dependent communities. With cycling tourism exploding, new recreation options that cater to people who bike are sure winners. And a bike trail is an amenity that doesn't require any water, a big plus considering the present drought and future water uncertainty.

I just visited Vancouver, BC, and can report that the Seawall bike path that encircles the entire city is among the most popular draws of the city's many attractions. This paved path was constructed on the seashore of Stanley Park, a forested park in the heart of the city. Despite daily, heavy use from dawn to sunset, the trail is free of litter and panhandlers. And there is a friendly spirit among users, all of whom share a mutual goal: get out of the car and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Let's build the trail.

Merry Ann Moore