Letters to the Editor 04/08/2015

To the Editor:

In all the talk of the pros and cons of a paved trail west from Sisters, little mention has been made of people who cannot use a gravel trail: namely those who cannot ride a two-wheel bike.

Some people can ride a three-wheel bike or use an electric scooter. Others pull a trailer with a child or pet, and others push a stroller. A gravel trail does not work well for any of those people.

We fully support a paved trail from Sisters to Tollgate, and beyond. As to the Black Butte residents who worry about non-residents using their paved trails, you surely must know that many people do that now, by parking and biking or renting a condo and using the trails. These people do not come to do damage or to litter.

We sure hope that the committee formed to ponder all the issues can come up with a feasible plan that will not upset people who might possibly see a biker passing their property at a distance. We love to see bikers and walkers and electric scooters pass by our house. We look forward to a paved trail from Tollgate to Sisters.

Paul and Sue Edgerton