Letters to the Editor 07/15/2015

To the Editor:

The letters from JoEllyn Loehr, Susie Werts and Isolde Hedemark in the July 1 Nugget were obviously coordinated to try to get the proposed Sisters to Black Butte Trail moved to "the north side of the highway" (per Isolde Hedemark).

Ms. Loehr tries to make the convincing case that there is "already a trail from Sisters that goes all the way to Indian Ford ... where it ties into the Metolius Area recreation trails. It isn't paved, but it could be easily developed as the paved trail that advocates want for ADA reasons."

Ms. Loehr, Ms. Werts, and Ms. Hedemark, do you know that the trail you propose instead of the current route happens to be on the other side of Highway 20 from Black Butte Ranch? Are you all in favor of an ADA-type trail where users are required to cross Highway 20 to get to or from the ranch? Are you saying that this is safe for people in wheelchairs? Are you saying this is safe for children much less adults?

The only thing that is consistent in your letters is that the alternate trail you propose is far away from your properties - "Not in My Back Yard." This despite the majority of Black Butte homeowners and Tollgate homeowners are in favor of a trail that would be convenient for them to use.

We are not talking about building a prison near your properties. The people who use these trails will be either BBR owners/guests and/or Tollgate residents and Sisters residents. We are not felons.

Ken Serkownek