Letters to the Editor 07/30/2014

To the Editor:

Regarding the paved bike path between Sisters and Black Butte Ranch that Ed Protas wrote about in last week's Nugget: Ed, I believe you have looked the other way. At what point have we as a society said that it's okay to cut trees and pave roadways for cars but not bikes and pedestrians? How many trees have been cut down so we can drive in cars from one end of our small one-mile-wide town to the other? 250? 2,500? 25,000?

We need to stop driving cars and ride and walk more. How about a little progress in the right direction? How many tons of emissions will not be put in the air due to people using paths instead of roads?

If this path does not get approved I believe we all would be looking in the wrong direction. Or, rather, we'd all be burying our heads in the sand. You may think a small thing like a paved path won't save much in CO2 emissions. As the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." We must all start to do what we can to stave off the ridiculous amount of emissions. This short path is a single step in the right direction.

Ed, you mention the loss of trees will contribute to global warming and pollution. I have a hunch that it won't. Although the continuation of people driving between Sisters and BBR certainly will. The savings in carbon emissions by having people walk and bike, however, will very quickly offset any tree-cutting. I'm a tree-hugger, and dislike seeing trees cut for pretty much any reason. Therefore I don't take lightly that trees would be removed. However, the benefits outweigh the negatives on this issue.

I believe so strongly in this that I would be willing to donate money to help plant trees in the area after the path gets put in. It would be an easy task to get others to do the same. We could hopefully even plant more trees than would have to be removed for the installation of the path.

Steven Segal