Benefits of the Black Butte Trail

Benefits include lower homeowner fees as money comes from the commercial venues.

Benefits for guests and homeowners being able to rent bikes and go into Sisters for meals, visiting the stores and galleries. This not only benefits the rental shop, the town, but the families that are sharing the experience, both a healthy one and a memory building one, hiking and cycling between the different areas. Scores of responses coming from people renting condos or houses at BBR were positive, stating the paved path should have been done years ago. Some of the responses were; the little kids and the seniors couldn't navigate the rutted dirt trails or the unstable shifting gravel roads. Answers from people in last month's fundraiser, A Ride For Two Rivers, said that they could bring their kids and wives and stay at BBR because they could use a paved path and go into town a couple days on their stay, together, and not on the dangerous highly used road. My friends that have rented at BBR for decades with their multigenerational families have hoped for a trail and written to the Nugget asking why not connect the areas on a surface they could use together.
I would bring my guests for a lovely walk through our forest to go to the BBR restaurant, for its magnificent view, and great food. My husband and I actually rented a house at BBR because I was wheelchair bound. A paved path was the draw, allowing me to get out in the lovely woods. To have been able to be rolled in to town would have been a treat.

As to security, the sign clearly designates the areas that are private. I have my own pool and my own stable and I've never had a problem with people coming off of the surrounding public land.

Please work on getting this wonderful asset moving forward.

Tracy Willcox Stout

Each day is a miracle!