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2015 Survey Results Submitted by Deschutes County Commissioner Alan Unger to US Forest Service

On October 2, 2015 Deschutes County Commissioner Alan Unger sent a letter to Kristie Miller, Sisters District Ranger of the US Forest Service, to ask that she conduct a supplemental or new Environmental Assessment for the proposed Black Butte Trail. The letter contained the survey results submitted to his office showing overwhelming and widespread support for the multi-use paved trail in Sisters Country.

A total of 1119 entities stated their opinion about the trail via emails and letters to Alan Unger, with letters to the editor of The Nugget, and by signing paper and electronic petitions. The majority of comments (93%) were in support of the proposed trail. Of the people and organizations that stated their support via emails/letters to Alan Unger, 256 stated their support for the trail. The emails/letters in opposition to the trail totaled 86.


2015 City of Sisters Business Owner Opinion Survey

This survey was conducted as part of the business licence renewal process. Roughly 130 businesses responded to the survey out of about 427 registered businesses in Sisters. Out of those businesses 117 responded to the question regarding the proposed Ranch to Sisters paved trail. The following results were obtained:

Very Supportive 56 48%
Somewhat Supportive 24 21%
Not Too Supportive 8 7%
Not At All Supportive 19 16%
Don't Know 10 9%
Total 117 100%

The results were presented at the 16 July 2015 City Council Meeting.


2014 Black Butte Ranch Trail Survey

The top two family activities on Black Butte Ranch are: No. 1 walking at 91 percent and No. 2 cycling at 84 percent.

The facts listed are the result of a second BBR owner survey open to respondents September 5-14, 2014. The opposition, who believed the first survey results from a 2013 survey were not a true reflection of the homeowners' position, requested the second survey. In response, the BBR Board of Directors hired CFM Strategic Communications, Inc., located in Portland, to create and administer the second survey. A BBR committee worked with CFM generating questions and contributing to the survey's design. The committee's homeowner reps included Isolde Hedemark, of the opposition and Clark Brody of the proponents.

Owners, spouses, and partial owners, about 1,785 who had registered email addresses with BBR, were asked to participate in the second survey. According to BBR management about 93 percent of all homeowners had one or more registered email addresses.

The September 2014 BBR Homeowner Survey Results:

1: The survey found 61 percent in favor, 25 percent opposed and 14 percent undecided regarding the multi-use trail. The CFM consultants indicated that such a large response rate, 813 of 1,785, is statistically significant. More owner participation would not significantly change the percentages for, opposed, or undecided.

2: Of the 813 BBR owners who completed the survey, 218 respondents or 27 percent were concerned about increase use of BBR pools and fitness facilities by the general public, unauthorized use of BBR paths 26 percent, risk to BBR's safety and security 22 percent and impact on tranquility 21 percent.

3: On Sept. 26, 2014, the BBR Association Board of Directors passed, for a second time, a unanimous motion in support of the proposed path. The motion reads: "The Board maintains its philosophical support for the proposed path from Sisters to Black Butte Ranch, subject to resolution of some issues of access that have been raised."

For more information on this survey read the article by Cathy Ellis, Guest Columnist for the Nugget Newspaper, July 21, 2015.


2013 Tollgate Property Owners Survey

At a special Board Meeting for the Tollgate home owners in 2013, the 458 property owners were asked if they supported a paved trail from Black Butte Ranch to Sisters, with access to Tollgate along the way. Sixty percent of the property owners (275) responded as follows:

Supportive (yes) 183 67%
Not Supportive (no) 79 29%
No Opinion
13 5%
Total 275 100%





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