Letters to the Editor 05/27/2015

To the Editor:

I would like to post a message regarding the ongoing discussion about the proposed paved trail from Sisters to Black Butte Ranch.

I live in the rural Deschutes County area; for me to ride my electric scooter in Sisters or any city is a real treat. I have ridden my scooter several times in the past on paved trails at other locations.

I am a disabled veteran; I'm always looking forward to an opportunity that would allow me some freedom to ride on paved trails as well as city streets.

Not saying I would ride on that particular trail, but makes me wonder how many persons that live with disabilities in those areas that would certainly love to ride their scooter, wheel chair or tricycle between Sisters and Black Butte [Ranch] on a paved trail! However, it would be a fun and interesting jaunt - just need to be sure to charge the batteries before. It's generally good for about 18 miles.

It's my understanding that the funds are available and the Forest Service has granted easement, so what's the big fuss. Get 'er done!

Tom and Lorraine Barrier