Friends of Black Butte Trail



Dear Black Butte Trail Supporter,

As you are probably aware, the Sisters Trails Alliance has been working to get approval for a paved multi-use trail between Black Butte Ranch and Sisters. The STA paid for the original Environmental Assessment by the US Forest Service. Although the draft recommended approving the trail, the Forest Service subsequently withdrew the EA and asked the community to come forward with a new proposal. With the support of Alan Unger, County Commissioner, the Friends of the Black Butte Trail have been working for several months to demonstrate that our community wants this trail. Mr. Unger will soon be requesting the Forest Service to do a second EA as soon as possible – which is likely to be in FY16-17. During this process, all of the issues will be aired once again, and we will need to make our case for the trail once again. The EA is likely to take at least a year to carry out.

To help the Friends of the Black Butte Trail succeed in this effort, the STA has established a reserve fund to help underwrite expenses incurred by volunteers in their efforts to promote the trail, and to demonstrate broad community support. These expenses include establishing this web site (blackbuttetrail.com), printing informational and other promotional materials, and paying for advertising. We have also envisaged financing for facilitators and mediators if necessary.

We would like to appeal to you to make a special contribution to the Black Butte Trail fund, through the STA. Your donation will be fully tax deductible. Any funds remaining in the account, once we have secured Forest Service approval for the trail, will be dedicated to constructing, maintaining and improving the trail. Please send your tax deductible contribution to STA, PO Box 1871, Sisters, OR 97759. If you have any questions, please contact Chuck Humphreys at 541-815-1543 or chuckinsisters@gmail.com. He would be happy to talk with you.

Help us make our community better. Help us encourage a healthier lifestyle and cleaner environment. Help us stimulate our local economy. Help us provide alternative, non-motorized access to the forest and to our communities. Help us give everyone, regardless of ability, a chance to visit our forest. Help us make this trail a reality.

Checks can be made out to Sisters Trails Alliance. Indicate with a note that funds shall be deposited in a Friends of the Black Butte Trail account. Address: PO Box 1871, Sisters, OR 97759

Thank you immensely for your support, Friends of Black Butte Trail



Come back to visit, and visit often. Our effort is just getting started.