Friends of the Black Butte Trail

Marsha Mercer Bicycling Tourists are Older, Wealthier and in Demand Bend Bulletin* December 13, 2015
Stephen Hamway Bicycling Boosts Crook County Economy Bend Bulletin* November 11, 2015
Sarah Rahm Reaction to USFS Response to Unger's Letter Nugget Newspaper November 11, 2015
Jim Cornelius Back to the Trailhead for Paved Path Proposal Nugger Newspaper November 3, 2015
Staff Reporters "Amenity Migrants" Attracted to Sisters Area The Economist Magazine October 24, 2015
Sue Stafford Unger Submits Trail Letter to USFS Nugget Newspaper October 7, 2015
Ted Shorack Road Department Widens County Bike Lanes, Shoulders / Enlarged Map The Bulletin* September 19, 2015
Staff Reporters Cities are Starting to Put Pedestrian and Cyclists Before Motorists. The Economist Magazine September 5, 2015
Patricia Hensley, SROA President Sunriver Owners Association's Experiences With Usage of Sunriver's Sun-Lava Pathway Correspondence August 31, 2015
Kary Bryce Millennials Desire & Depend on Walking, Biking, Riding the Bus Cascade Business News August 27, 2015
Jim Cornelius Time to Take a Step Back on Paved Trail Issue Nugget Newspaper August 18, 2015
Sue Stafford Distriac Ranger Explains Paved Trail Process Nugget Newspaper August 18, 2015
Jim Cornelius Council to Weigh in on Paved Trail Nugget Newspaper August 18, 2015
(news report) Chamber Comes Down in Favor of Paved Path Nugget Newspaper August 5, 2015
Dennis Tower Black Butte Board HOA Clarification Nugget Newspaper August 5, 2015
Sue Wickizer, Correspondent Black Butte HOA Votes Support of Paved Path Correspondence August 3, 2015
Jim Cornelius Unger Champions Paved Trail Nugget Newspaper June 10, 2015
Alan Unger Paved Trail Moving Forward Correspondence June 2, 2015
Jim Cornelius Sisters to Take on Paved Trail Again Nugget Newspaper March 24, 2015
Kristie L. Miller Withdrawal of Draft Decision Notice Correspondence October 20, 2014
Jim Cornelius USFS Pulls Paved Trail Plan Nugget Newspaper October 10, 2014

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