I've been a volunteer for the "Ride for Two Rivers" since its inception-- a fun bike event is a fundraiser benefitting projects on the Whychus and Metolius. It features riding the McKenzie Pass and draws anywhere from 100 to 200 or more riders and their families from Oregon and elsewhere. I'm recalling overhearing some of the riders who stayed at BBR saying how great it would be if they could ride to the pass from their lodging without having to cross or ride along busy highway 20, or instead of hauling their bikes by car to the beginning of the ride on the Sisters side.

While some of the heartier riders access the pass via Indian Ford Rd, that makes for a more ambitious route as well as involving twice crossing US 20. A paved trail from BBR would allow easier and safer access to the popular McKenzie Pass ride (via Kinney Butte Rd., for example) and is likely to be very appealing to cyclists who are seeking lodging any time for a vacation that features biking the popular, world class ride on McKenzie Pass.

Suzanne Pepin